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July 13th, 2005 at 1:30pm]
[ mood | Silly ]

i got a new LJ!






check it out :)

{1} ?are you picture perfect?

July 11th, 2005 at 10:04pm]
[ mood | i'm SO ITCHY! ]




readdCollapse )

{1} ?are you picture perfect?

July 11th, 2005 at 4:59pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

Take the quiz: "Which of these retarded poser celebrities will you kill?"

The slutty && Poserish Hilary Duff
YOU ROCK! You would kill Hilary Duff and I HATE THAT LITTLE BITCH! SHE SHOULD DIE! She is so annoying. And blonde.

YESSSSSSS i hate her stinkin guts!
{2} ?are you picture perfect?

July 11th, 2005 at 2:14pm]
[ mood | thirsty ]

yes, i got a NEW layout once again; but hey i love them



morreCollapse )

are you picture perfect?

July 10th, 2005 at 9:23pm]
Take the quiz: "What is ur hottest body part? (ladies only)"

You got long sexy legs and know it. Come and get em boys


your fashionable and cute, every body loves you! your really pretty and beautiful. although somtimes Can be slightly selfish.

Take the quiz: "What Victoria Secret Bra are you?"

Very Sexy
You are so sexy! You have lots of friends and you love lots of colors! You like pushups and trendy colors!

Take the quiz: "What Victoria's Secret panties are you?"

You want to look sexy while appealing to the opposite or same sex.

Take the quiz: "What Flavor of Lip Gloss are you?"

Rock and sensitivity. talk about moody. But hey, you're you, and people will deal with it.

Take the quiz: "Who is your emo boyfriend?"

you like to have fun and be funny your not afraid to be out there and wild.
are you picture perfect?

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